L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals) is a legal consultancy/attorney firm that operates in a wide range of fields with an expert team and contracted experts through outsourcing. L & CPro (Law & Consultancy Professionals), started as “Arbitraj Law Firm” in Istanbul Taksim, in 2006 and continues its way by growing much stronger with its international and domestic prominent clients.

L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals) provides legal advice and representation services in Turkey, in a wide range of fields such as company establishment, joint ventures, capital market transactions, stock market legislation, company mergers and acquisitions, share transfer agreements, competition law, real estate investments, privatizations, banking and finance law, energy legislation, infrastructure investments, commercial and administrative cases, business cases, follow-up and judgment of tax disputes.

L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals) provides the necessary protection in all areas of law that the client needs with its professional approach, experience and result-oriented work. Our company fulfils its responsibilities meticulously in order to provide clients with well-timed assistance, to inform them regularly, to follow up all legal affairs in official authorities and government offices and to defend their rights in courts.

L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals), which is one of Turkey’s most powerful figures in the field of legal advice for foreigners, provides great legal expert services, and lawyers with experience in different areas, besides all the fields of law, international trade, business, intellectual property, international relations and experts in the field of psychology, consultants and a competent team of support units.

A reliable legal consultancy and advocacy are provided that takes care of the interests of its clients and projects in every environment. L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals) expert team cares about the continuity in their relations with the professional and technical interest they show from the beginning to the end of the services they provide to their partners with their knowledge in different subjects.

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