L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals), with its team working in the field of law, provides legal consultancy and advocacy services, and follows up the undertaken legal processes, provides and monitors the follow-up of the cases in the courts, the implementation of legal contracts and consultancy procedures.

It provides consultancy services in a wide range of legal proceedings such as share transfer agreements, foreign joint ventures, international concession agreements, competition law, company mergers and acquisitions, real estate investments, compliance with legislation, privatizations, banking and finance law, energy legislation, infrastructure investments, commercial lawsuits, intellectual property lawsuits, administrative cases, labour law cases, tax disputes and related matters.

Within the body of L&CPro (Law&Consultancy Professionals), our team professionally carries out litigation, file preparation, informing the client and drafting the relevant contract in disputes in the following branches of law, and legal proceedings are concluded by following up.

Family, Inheritance Civil Law Disputes Consultancy

Mediation Service

Banking and finance

IT Law and Consultancy

Blockchain Technologies Disputes

Criminal Law and Consultancy

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Electronic Money and Payment Services

Legal Consultancy for Real Estate

Energy and Mining Law

Intellectual Property Law and Consultancy (Copyright-Patent Protection-Trademark-Design-Utility Model Protection)

Real Estate Law and Consultancy

Venture Capital Investments

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Health Law

Administrative law

Labor and Social Security Law and Consultancy

Protection of Personal Data


Finance Law and Consultancy

Media and Press Law

Privatization Law

Competition Law

Companies, Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy

Company Liquidation

Transportation and Logistics Law

Compensation Law and Consultancy

Commercial Law and Consultancy

Consumer Law

International Criminal Law

International law

International Transactions and Dispute Resolution

International Arbitration

International Investment Law

International Commerce Law


Tax Law

Foreigners’ Rights and Citizenship Services Consultancy

Investment Law Consultancy

Litigation proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights and International Judiciary